Liberty Children’s Home

The members of Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise hold the children at Liberty Children’s Home very dear to their hearts. The Club believes that all Children of Belize are the future of the Country and that they all have the right to be cherished, live in a comfortable home & have access to a clean and functional learning environment.

Based on these beliefs, members of the club came together in unison at different times throughout the year (2018-2019) and participated in the following projects on the grounds of Liberty Children’s Home:

  • The entire grounds were mowed & cleaned.
  • Disassembled a swing-set, relocated, and reassembled it in a safer and more visible location
  • The swing-set was then painted and reinforced for safety.
  • A play-set located near the Pre-School was cleaned, painted, and reinforced.  A proper stairway with rails was installed for added safety. 
  • The Basketball court and playset located nearest to the dorms were cleaned and painted with the Rotary colors., Blue and Gold.
  • A central zone on the grounds kept experiencing flooding on a regular basis.  The Club decided to dig and install a cement drain directly across the area with the drainage issue.   The grounds are now expected to stay dry throughout the year and run water off quickly during the rainy season.
  • Tables, chairs, baby cribs, and toddler beds from the Pre-school located on the same grounds as the Home were cleaned and painted.
  • Toddlers and small children would huddle to watch an old, very small television set.  The Club donated and installed a 30” Flat Screen Television on the wall of the daycare.
  •   A Gutter running along the Daycare building was being damaged by nearby trees.  Members came on a Saturday and cleared it of Debris and cut the large branches that were beginning to damage and bring pests to the roof of the building.   
  • A few of the older children assisted in a few of the projects. After completion, Club Members held a small cookout, grilling hotdogs and burgers and sharing them with the children at the home.
  • To bring in the Christmas Holidays, Sunrise Members coordinated a tea party for the Children of the Home. Club Members donated food and treats for the Children and hosted them on the Basketball Court.
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